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30 POSER BRUSH - Humans Booster Pack 1

Poser Brush is a set of hand-drawn brushes of poses with different angles and perspective. This brush set is effective in speeding up your workflow whether you're doing studies, using it as reference, creating thumbnail, concept art, dynamic illustration, etc., especially if you're in a tight deadline.

It comes in .ABR brush file so it's very handy and easy to use. Just load it, slap it on your canvas, tweak it if you want and paint away.

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What's inside 30 POSER BRUSH - Humans Booster Pack 3

A total of 30 poser brushes. 5 different poses with 6 angles each. Upshot - Midshot - Downshot. .ABR file compatible with Photoshop CS6+, ProCreate, Clip Studio Paint or Krita.

📺 Here is a short video on how I use Poser Brush.

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