ZBrush IMM
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Zbrush IMM SCI FI Brush Set

Set of 10 Sci Fi Tubes/Wires for use within Zbrush

Meshes can also be imported via OBJ/FBX into other modelling packages, such as Blender, Maya and 3DS Max

All Tubes are modelled to easily be subdivided and work/look well at different subdivision levels

All Meshes DO NOT have UV's

Gif showing them in action


-10 Tube Variations

-Zbrush IMM Brush

-OBJ/FBX and Maya Collection of singular Tube Pieces

License Info:

Commercial use of the tubes are allowed and can be visible in any sort of commercial product such as games and movies etc, but the meshes themselves can not be resold separately in any sort of asset or kit bash pack

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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