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Set of Larix Kaempferi Pendula Tree (Lärche)

2 Larix Kaempferi Pendula trees in the scene. A relatively slow-growing, deciduous, broad weeping tree that can eventually grow to 5 to 7 m tall. The tree produces upwardly winding main branches and heavily drooping lateral branches. The quite thick mature bark is grey-brown to reddish brown, later scaling. The soft needles are in clusters of 40 on short shoots along the older branches. It is not easy to find a place for this particularly graceful cultivar because if its broad, weeping growth habit. The tree is best suited to parks and large gardens. Grows on any soil except acidic. Polygons (Total number of scene): 2,649,949 Verts (Total number of scene): 2,735,882 Larix Kaempferi Pendula1: 3/06 m Larix Kaempferi Pendula2: 2/84 m In the archive: 3ds max (V-ray-2014), Blender, OBJ, FBX, Cinema 4 and ... * Features: - Optimized for Distant and Closeup Views - Clean Topology - Unwrapped Overlapping - Real-World Scale - Transformed into zero - Objects Named - Materials Named - Units: Centimeters

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