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Set of Punica Granatum Tree (Pomegranate tree)

2 Punica Granatum trees in the scene.

The Punica Granatum is a fruit bearing deciduous tree. Following showy orange-red funnel shaped flowers, the Pomegranate tree develops leathery skinned, golden coloured, rounded fruit containing from 200-1400 delicious red juicy seeds. Perfect as an ornamental too, glossy bright green oblong shaped leaves, great for growing in containers on a patio as well as your garden.The Pomegranate is a self-fertile tree although more than one ensures a better crop. Grows very well in a sunny sheltered location and great for coastal locations too.

Polygons (Total number of scene): 3,574,808

Verts (Total number of scene):2,490,378

Punica Granatum1: 3/40 m

Punica Granatum2: 2/91 m

In the archive: 3ds max (V-ray-2014), Blender, OBJ, FBX, Cinema 4 and ...

  • Features:

  • Optimized for Distant and Closeup Views

  • Clean Topology

  • Unwrapped Overlapping

  • Real-World Scale

  • Transformed into zero

  • Objects Named

  • Materials Named

  • Units: Centimeters

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