3ds Max

Set of Cyclocarya paliurus Trees ( Wheel wingnut )

2 Cyclocarya paliurus trees in the scene.

Potentially large deciduous tree to 30 m. Bark gray, fibrous, fissured when older. The leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus make a sweet-tasting tea used in China to treat obesity and diabetes. There is a considerable body of literature documenting efforts to quantify its effects scientifically, as well as to identify active substances and their modes of action. The species became known to Western science through herbarium specimens collected in the 19th Century by the German missionary and sinologist Ernst Faber in Zhejiang, and by Augustine Henry in Hubei.

Polygons (Total number of scene): 3,689,516

Verts (Total number of scene): 2,244,187

Cyclocarya paliurus 01: 10/5 m

Cyclocarya paliurus 02: 8 m

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  • Features:

  • Optimized for Distant and Closeup Views

  • Clean Topology

  • Unwrapped Overlapping

  • Real-World Scale

  • Transformed into zero

  • Objects Named

  • Materials Named

  • Units: Centimeters

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