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60 Ancient Fabric Material_Sbsar Vol.18

60 Ancient Fabric Material_Sbsar Vol.18 A pack of 60 Ancient Fabric Material .SBSAR

✨ The textiles of the Middle Ages are among the most beautiful and captivating types of fabrics, renowned for their unique patterns and designs. These textiles include patterns such as hand-embroidered flowers, animals, artistic motifs, and religious elements, each telling its own special story.

🏰 Medieval textiles prove their charm and beauty through the wide variety of patterns and extensive applications they offer. These fabrics can be used for sewing formal and ceremonial garments, interior decorations such as upholstery fabrics, curtains, and tablecloths, as well as in the production of bags, handbags, and wall decorations.

🎨 Some of the advantages of the collection of fabric materials with medieval patterns that I have produced include a wide variety of designs, high quality, and ease of use in design software such as Substance Painter and Substance Designer. These fabrics help artists and designers to easily incorporate them into their designs and come up with more creative ideas.

🌟 Are you looking to use medieval patterns and designs in your designs or projects? I have a collection of best-selling medieval fabrics for you that you can use with software like Substance Painter and Substance Designer. With their variety of patterns and the ability to use them in different designs, these fabrics will be a very suitable choice for your projects.

Package Contains:

60 Ancient Fabric Material .SBSAR NOTE:

You can change these parameters: color height normal ao switch fabic material :

you have 2 types of fabric that you can switch all parameters

You can use the SBSAR files in Substances designer-Substance painter-Substance Player(free Software) or any software that read .sbsar for use or exporting the maps .

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