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20 Leather Smart Material-SPSM Vol.2

Here is a set of 20 High Quality leather Smart Materials (.spsm)

"Introducing an exquisite collection of 20 leather smart materials, meticulously crafted in Substance Painter. Our leather smart materials are designed to elevate your 3D projects to new levels of realism and sophistication. Perfect for digital artists, game developers, and 3D designers, these materials are a game-changer in creating lifelike leather textures."

"Each smart material in this collection is engineered to replicate the unique characteristics of various types of leather, including smooth, distressed, vintage, and more. The attention to detail and realism in the textures will captivate your audience and add depth to your 3D scenes. Whether you're working on fashion design, interior visualization, or product modeling, these materials will infuse your projects with an unmatched sense of quality and authenticity."

"Imagine effortlessly transforming your 3D models with the rich, tactile feel of leather. Elevate the visual appeal of your creations, evoke emotions, and entice your audience with the allure of genuine leather textures. With this collection, you have the power to imbue your virtual designs with the timeless elegance of real leather, setting your work apart from the rest."

So why wait?

"Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your 3D projects with these premium leather smart materials. Elevate your workflow, captivate your audience, and bring your designs to life with unparalleled realism.

Package Contains:

20 High-quality LEATHER Smart Materials (SPSM) preview image (jpeg) Types of Leather :

vintage leather suede leather split leather sleek leather leather aged alligator faux leather cowhide leather worn leather wrinkled leather old damaged leather peeling leather crocodile leather

Made with Substance Painter 2021.1.1 (7.1.1)

Copy the file "spsm " into your Substance Painter shelf folder

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