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50 Epic Spear + 3 Spear Rack Base Mesh - Vol 01

We Love playing game and believe with these base meshes, We can help you to make your great game faster, better and with more distinct weapon for your players. In this product, you will find 50 high quality epic spear for your game along with 3 spear rack as a gift to you. All of these 3DModel has:

• Clean unwrap • Optimized Topology • Low Poly under 10K tris • Ready for the baking process • Game ready • File formats: Obj, Fbx, bender , 3dsmax With Buying this product, you can save your time in time consuming tasks like Retopology and UV and use it for adding more details to these weapons.

This Product Created by Mohammad Yekta and MR kheradmand, you can access to their portfolio on by the links

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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