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Creating a Cabin House for Game in Blender

DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS : Are you heaving trouble finding the right course that will teach you all the skills needed to create a game environment from start to finish using blender and unreal engine 4? Then look no further because this course is for you!

Then I welcome you to Nexttut education's "Creating a Realistic Cabin House for Game in Blender" course.

INSTRUCTOR : My name is Emiel sleegers, I am a 3d environment artist working in the AAA game industry for around 7 years now. I am currently working for Ubisoft entertainment and I have worked on games like the division 2 and forza horizon 3

By the end of this course, you'll be able to Create realistic looking environments for your 3d project.


Environment modeling

Making textures and Materials

Setting up in the UE4

In this intermediate course you will learn how to create and uv unwrap models in blender3d, how to create tileable material and unique textures using substance designer and substance painter and how-to setup your entire scene inside unreal engine 4. To go in more detail, we will be covering many topics in this course, We will start by diving straight into blender3d where we will be creating a blockout of our scene to define the shape and scale. We will then start with modeling our final scene using the weighted normal modeling technique and we will also unwrap all out models in the main time. Once that is done, we will take a break from modelling and start by creating all the tileable textures needed inside substance designer. Finally, we will apply those textures to our scene and export everything to unreal engine 4 where we will be setting up our scene, doing our lighting and post effects and creating our custom materials. Finally, to finish things off we will be creating some extra additional models to give the scene more life and volume, we will also be creating unique textures for these models inside substance painter.

IDEAL STUDENTS : I have designed this course for students who already have a basic understanding of the programs we are going to use. However as always, I will explain to you every step I take to get to the final result.

Enroll now, and take your skills to the next level.

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