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Blender Sci fi Game Asset Creation Course

Note : Who should enroll : This course is for those who are interested to be able to make AAA quality game environment objects and props using Blender as main 3d software.

Requirements to enroll : It is not for complete beginners who never has used Blender, Substance painter, Marmoset toolbag before. Instead it is a beginner friendly course that means if you know how to move around in these software, may be has used those before but you consider yourself still a beginner then this course is for you.

Software we are gonna use : Blender, Marmoset Toolbag, Substance painter and Photoshop and some free plugins for Substance Painter. So don't worry about the plugins, we will let you know from where you can download in the lecture.

If it sounds like you then keep reading.

What will you learn :

Modeling in Blender both Low poly and High poly

Baking Maps in Marmoset toolbag

Texturing in Substance Painter

Who am I to teach : My name is Emiel sleegers, I am a 3d environment artist at Ubisoft. I have created many courses on game environments, props and objects.

Some More Readings : In this tutorial course we will go over on how to make a hero sci-fi game asset from start to finish.

We will be using Blender3d for the modeling, Marmoset toolbag for the baking and final renders and substance painter along with a tiny bit of Photoshop for the texturing.

We will go over many techniques but the most important ones are on how to get good shape and form while following a reference image, how to create a correct and efficient high poly model, and how to create an optimized low poly model. how to uv unwrap a model and how to bake a model properly and fast and of course on how to texture a model inside substance painter.

I hope you are just as excited for this tutorial course as I am and I hope to see you soon!

Thanks again for watching Nexttut education and as always, enjoy.

ENROLL NOW and I will see you in the 1st lecture.

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