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Black panther memorial_ FanArt

Wrathful Black Panther:

Brimming with rage and resentment. His father was allegedly killed by The Winter Soldier while Captain America was blindly protecting his old pal. He stood on the ruins of a bloody battle, looking down where Captain America and The Winter Soldier had fallen down In his face sparked a glimpse of satisfaction, both of them are now gone, killed by his own hands “What have I done?” He realizes what he just did. Now he has to either face the consequence brought upon him by the Avengers or continue the bloodbath. Since this time the brief is much clearer, our team doesn’t have to sketch many thumbnail options like with the concept art for 3D Printed Viking Warrior. So Nesso concept artists took the brief and brought the concept art for 3D printed Black Panther to life in 2 days.

“When we go from the mourning ceremony to the celebration, right before the switch you hear the sabar drum playing a rhythm —- ‘tak a tak tak, tak a tak tak,’” Goransson said. “As soon as you hear the sabar drum, you know there’s going to be a whole drum ensemble coming in a couple of seconds. It’s like a calling for the beat to start.”

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