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Zbrush + Blender - 20 Beards VDM Brush

Update : Blender Ready Vdm brushes added to the pack. See this video for more details on how to use the brushes in Blender :

15 hand sculpted stylized beards.

Perfect to quickly concept characters and try different styles!

For use with Zbrush (2018) and Blender 3.5 or new versions

Includes :

  • 15 Beards VDM Brushes (Zbrush)
  • 15 Beards OpenExr Files (Blender)

Higher res pictures :

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License Info

Commercial use of the Brushes/Alphas are permitted but the alphas or brushes themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies etc.

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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