Hard Surface
Game ready

Tormentor Pack


  1. High Poly OBJ files.
  2. ZTL (ZBrush Tool file) containing High Poly models.
  3. Decimated OBJ versions of High Poly models.
  4. Low Polygon OBJ versions.
  5. LODs for main Skull as well as Dagger.
  6. Baked Maps for Skull, Dagger & Chain (generated using Marmoset Toolbag). MikkT/xNormal Tangent Basis.
  7. Textures for Skull (2k), Dagger (1k) & Chain (1k) (for each LOD).
  8. Each LOD has very similar UV layouts so you could use one set of textures across all LOD levels.
  9. Marmoset Scene Bundle used to generate Cover Art.
  10. Gnarly Chain brush for ZBrush. As well source models to generate your own chain or chain brush.

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