Skydome - Northern Lights 3

The Skydome HDRI-brand is a collection of high-dynamic range images, which displays only the sky-portion of an outdoor setting. Usually the qualities selected under the brand are cloudy and detailed skies. The lighting-condition is natural exterior lighting, with no artificial sources, and captures all spheres of natural lighting.

32-bit starry sky mixed with 14-bit RAW's of Northern Lights. Please note that with the RAW's mixed in, the Northern Lights map could not be considered a true HDRI. Keeping this in mind, there is included a true 32-bit HDRI starry sky for extra flexibility in compositing, which is this file:

360/90 degrees Spherical HDR resolution: 15152x7576 Spherical TIF resolution: 32000x16000 2-EV 3-step exposure

As a special feature, includes a full HD clip of real-time Northern Lights.


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