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ZBakeColor v1.3 for ZBrush 4R8/2018+


ZBakeColor v1.3 is a ZBrush plugin that allows to:

  • Bake Color ID Map
  • One Click to automatically assign a random color to each subtool (huge amount of time saved if you have a lot of subtools)
  • Generate Color Map from Polygroups
  • Generate Color Map from Polypaint across multiple subtools (or just a single subtool)
  • One Click to automatically assign random color to each subtool, then generate Color Map

This is intended as a batch tool. It doesn't add new core functionality, it just takes existing ZBrush commands and automates some process helping to save time.


  • ZBakeColor v1.2 (Legacy), compatible with ZBrush 4R7
  • ZBakeColor v1.3 latest release, compatible with ZBrush 4R8/2018+
  • Installation Instructions
  • Plugin Instructions


  • Maximum Color Map resolution is 8K

Important Notes:

  • The v1.3 of the plugin works only with ZBrush 4R8.
  • In the package is still present the older v1.2 compatible with ZBrush 4R7.
  • Installation Notes are inside the package

Need Helps?

If you encounter any issue, if you want to report a bug, or if you just have any question drop me an email at [email protected] I'll answer you as soon as possible!

You will get 2 files

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