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70s generic pickup truck suv

About Car: The idea of this car was born when I was working on my other 70s coupe. It was ment to fill the gap of generic cars in my 70s automotive car pool. Because of the period there were very little SUV's or 4x4 to get design inspiration from. That is why this designed is based on 70s cars elements and basic pick-up truck shape.

About Model: Mesh is mostly quads. Contains a mock up interior. So, tinted windows are recommended. Hood, screenwipers, bootdoor are combined with the car body. There is no suspension elements only wheels.

Details: - Model consists of 23 objects and 16 predescribed materials - Each wheel consists of 15142 verts and 14789 poly - Car mesh consists of 24796 verts and 23682 poly - All object and material names begins with SUV4_ - Mesh mostly quads and tri (with some n-gons) - Mesh is not tested for subdivisions - Mesh is not for printing - No scene objects, only model. - No animations

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