Base Meshes

L2 wheel

L2 wheel - is a deep dish wheel inspired by 80s wheels and some famous car logo. Designed having in mind simplistic ant minimalistic ideas. Should fit nicely on stanced, jdm and old DTM cars

Model contains of: - Mid-poly rim - Comes with tire - UV map

More detailed info:

  • Model consists of 2 objects with 4 predescribed materials
  • Rim mesh consists of 13049 polys and 13075 verts
  • Tire mesh consists of 5400 polys and 5400 verts
  • Mesh is mostly quads and triangles with some n-gons
  • Model has mixed UV
  • Model has no rig
  • Model has no textures
  • Model doesn't include other scene objects

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this model or suggestions for it.

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