Hard Surface
Base Meshes

Supercharger type B

Supercharger type B was created as a modification for a car in game. Inspired by hot rods and dragster engines with big blowers sticking out. Designed as simplistic as possible to avoid overcomplication, but keep the look. Comes with a dummy belt and black plate to fill the hole(belt and plate are 2 other objects).

Model contains of: - Low-poly block - Baseplate - Simplistic

More detailed info: - Model consists of 3 objects with 5 predescribed materials - Model consists of 5079 polys and 5565 verts - Mesh is mostly quads and triangles with some n-gons - Object names begins with "SB_" - Model has mixed UV - Model has no rig, animations and textures - Model doesn't include other scene objects

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this model or suggestions for it.

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