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Vintage Radio Alien design 1958

Vintage Radio Alien design 1958 - c4d fbx 3ds obj

Designer: Gregory Lhomme-Hounsfield Contact: [email protected]

C4D-17 file (Native) is ready to use and ready to render. 
(Maybe re-assign textures links on your file directory)

  • All separate and named objects = easy to edit as you like.
  • RealWorld scale = W40 x H18 x D17 cm

Objects Qty: 29 Points Qty: 17157 Polygons Qty: 16663


Available formats: c4d, fbx, 3ds and obj.

BEWARE! = If using fbx or 3ds or obj format, you may have some work to do for the textures: 
- You may have to re-assign textures links and/or type (maybe changing) their names in the material editor. 
- You may have to adjust material details as transparency, luminance, reflectance… - In some case you could even have to re-texture totally the model!

Zip file contains: - C4d model - Fbx model - 3ds model - Obj model - Textures folder with jpg textures and hdr «interior» for reflections - readme.txt

Tags: 1950 1960 1965 neo retro antique screen keyboard classic electronics old transistor prototype sputnik office desktop space futur futurist utopia scifi science fiction satellite fictional screenplay cinema movie set brazil gattaca cartoon 50's 60's 70's decoration france housewares new household facebook electric night sci-fi synthesized classified detective

French tags: Vieil ordinateur extra-terrestre vieux luxe bureau table travail ancien ancienne antiquite accessoires cinema tournage maquette decor plateau effets speciaux perspectiviste infographiste perpignan infography infographie prades pyrenees-orientales perspective images de synthese 3d narbonne beziers montpellier toulouse france visite virtuelle electromenager darty boulanger fnac conforama

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