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65 Ornament Brush Pack – IMM Brush + Ornament Set

65 Ornaments Brushes Pack – IMM Brushes + 5 Ornament Set

In this pack, you have access to 65 quality Ornament Imm Brushes.

All brushes have a regular topology and are available with 4 subdivisions.

Brushes are in the best condition in terms of the number of subdivisions.

Also, you will get all brushes alpha, you have to import alpha in ZBrush and be ready to use.

We created some ornament sets using these brushes, If you have more time you can make your own sets

too with using these brushes and bring more projects and work on them And make more money…

Details in work are significant for hiring both freelancers and company jobs.

This kit provides alphas too with all formats

What models can you use these kits for?

Ornamental Props


interior decoration


Architecture and design of columns and structures

Armored equipment

Example of usable objects :

Jewelry, clock, sofa and chair and table, fireplace and heater, home interior design, arc and open, ceilings, sword, helmet, shield,

building exterior, window frame, columns, cups, dishes, vases, and old trays.

Available Content:

   1.    65 IMM Brush For Zbrush Artists

   2.     Alphas  – jpeg, PSD, and tiff format

   3.     Obj

   4.     5 Ornament set file

   5.     Ztl file

   6.    Zbrush Material

   7.    Fbx

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