Characters and Anatomy
High Poly Models
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Anatomy Male Tool Reference for Artists !

Anatomy Male Tool Reference is a complete tool for digital artists.

It contains the Zbrush file with one subtool and 4 layers polypainted !

With that, you can use and compare the

Standard figure Anatomical Écorche figure ( Muscles ) Colored Écorche Figure ( Muscle groups ) Split version ( Standard and Ecorché )

It's also a good start to create your own character!

And 4 Turn Around vidéos ( rendered in Keyshot ) for reference you can use when you sculpt!

For Zbrush 4R7 P3 and Above. QuickTime player preferred.

*** NEW FOR FREE : 4 OBJ files with Uvs to work with any 3D programs! ***

Save money and switch to Ultimate Anatomy Tool Reference for Artists !

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