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122 Cyberpunk Kitbash

Hi, I am very excited to share to you my 122 CYBERPUNK KITBASH Set 01

You can use this on your personal or professional project.

I want to make this affordable as much as possible so some of the new and professional artists in our community can access these resources.

You can follow me on Instagram I will update my Instagram from now on, I will be sharing Tips and Tutorials while using my products. And other personal projects

Thanks for all of your support!

Files Inside - 122 Zbrush IMM/ZBP ( with 1 Compiled brush like on the IMM test Video ) - 114 OBJ ( Without all of the cable IMM) - 54 Alpha Details ( 2k PSD) - Free 8 Additional Mech Alphas from my other products - Drag Brush for alphas (with a tutorial on how to use it) - IMM TEST VIDEO - Render Passes Photoshop texturing mini clip Timelapse

Notes- -You can switch on/off the IMM polypaint by pressing the M (material button on the left side of Zadd button).

  • And for accessing the library when you used the CYBERPUNKINSERTMESHNOCABLESCOMPILEDSET_01 brush you can press M on keyboard.

Please note that all of the insert mesh (IMM) and OBJ are NonSubd instead all models are decimated and please expect it with high polycount.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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