Substance Painter
Game Development

Substance Painter Quickstart

20 Videos, 2 hours, all designed to get you productive in Substance Painter.

If you want to follow along with the asset, head over to the Substance Share page and download the GDC Female mesh and textures now!

000 Follow Along Setup 001 Painter Interface 002 Painting Channels 003 Materials And Channels 004 Assigning Materials 005 Color Selection And Emissive 006 Smart Material Breakdown 007 Generators 008 Applying Smart Materials 009 Painting Basics 010 Mask Cleanup 011 Painting Advanced 012 Particle Brushes 013 Triplanarprojection 014 Full Character Smart Painting 015 BakingMaps 016 Quick Mask 017 Shader Instancing 018 Baked Lighting Filter 019 Baked Lighting Material And Generators 020 Creating A Custom Painter Generator

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