Concept Art

ZBrush for Ideation 300+ Video Series

Learn how to create anything in ZBrush with more than 300 videos, over 30 hours of video instruction (seven downloadable .zip files with the digital video content).. Not sure if this series is for you? Watch the first unit for free on my YouTube channel here:

The first video is a brief overview of all the content, but a full list of topics covered can be found here:

2021 Update -

40+ New and updated videos for the series, adding relevant new 2021 functionality to existing videos, including an entirely new hour-long intro (Unit01 Videos 001-009)! Dynamic cloth, new zmodeler functionality, microPoly, and nanomesh updates make creation and exploration in ZBrush even easier than ever before!! I also went ahead and put an hour and forty minute making of the "mailbox" marketing art for the 2021 release just for fun!

2021.5 &.6 Update -

19 New and updated video, more than 4.5 hours covering new curve functionality (repel strength, bend start/end, extrude profile, snake curve brushes), as well as the new mesh from mask brushes and thick skin functionality!

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