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Victorian kitchen set

Fully equipped Victorian kitchen (circa 1890) from the Victorian era in England. The list of objects is: -Wood Cook Stove -Pictures of forests. -Wooden frames for Victorian paintings. -Porcelain dishes decorated with flowers. -Porcelain tea cups. -Porcelain teapot decorated with flowers. -Metal teapot. -Several ceramic jars with a Madrid lid. -Tin cans. -Empty glass bottles with labels and cork stopper. -Several matchboxes. -Decorated wooden table. -Decorated wooden chairs. -Various types of pans and their lids. -Metal rafts with lids. -Clay vase. -Wooden shelf. -Kitchen cloth. -Wooden ceiling clothesline. -Various items of clothing hung out. -Antique sink with arboretum. -Worn wall tap. -Dirty metal bucket. -Wooden window without glass. -Dish rack. -Spoons of various sizes and a knife. -Pot with soil Follow me in instagram:

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