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Description : This pack contains various series of bushy shrubs, more or less dense bushes, thickets and plants with large sheets.

As a first step...

Description : This pack contains various series of bushy shrubs, more or less dense bushes, thickets and plants with large sheets.

As a first step, the bushes had been painted by hand with black ink so you’ll find the traditional touch in the silhouette design. After a high resolution scan, the colors and volumes had been painted digitally with photoshop.

Using just the silhouettes or directly the painted assets, you’ll have the perfect basis to create very easily and quickly an elegant grove, hedge or a plant mass in your composition. You can see an example of a speed artwork made with a selection of these bushes.

The level of details of the bushes is intermediate so it’s easily suitable to be integrated in the foreground, middleground or background of your composition. As well, they can fit seamlessly with realistic or more stylised design.

You’ll find the high resolution painted and colored cutouts but also I propose to you silhouettes and custom shapes of each bush. So you can choose the best way to use these art ressources on your way.

In this article you can know more about the way to create these assets with a mix media method :

MAKING OF n° 2: How are created the shapes of the masked Leafy Bushes I propose on my store

> Please, don't hesitate to share in the comments the kind of art ressources you'll be interested in!

BONUS : I offer you a PNG silhouette and the photoshop custom shape of each bush, ready to use !

Content : - 60 cut out in PNG 32 bit - Min Res. 853X679px / Max Res.5015 X2002px - bonus n°1 : 60 black silhouette in PNG 32 bit of each bush - Min Res. 853X679px / Max Res. 5015X2002px - bonus n°2 : 60 custom shapes of each bush

Perfect for : Concept art, matte painting, illustration, digital painting, 2D/3D art, environment art, inspiration …

General Usage : Sold paintings are 'Royalty-Free'. The copyrights of the image you buy remain with PIXELREF (Sylvain Sarrailh & Johanna Capelle). The paintings may be used in commercial, educational or personal projects without credit or royalties to PIXELREF. You have a right of use that is non-exclusive and non-transferable.

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