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Stylized Buff Female Game Model & Basemesh

This Stylized Buff Male product contains two versions of the same model:

  • Game ready model at 31k tris with 4096 exported maps: Base color, Roughness, Normal (directX), metallic, ambient occlusion and a selection mask. Ready to be rigged and used in an engine of your choice.

  • Sculpting basemesh in A-pose with multiple subdivision levels (for the body) and polypaint as a .ztl (zbrush tool). Also has a .fbx of the mesh in the lowest and highest subdivision levels. Perfect if you wanna customize the look or create additional hairstyles, articles of clothing or accessories etc.

Both comes with full set of teeth, tongue, clothes and hair all separated into different meshes.

Please note: The .ztl-file(s) where created with Zbrush 2022.0.2 and compatible with that version and future releases/versions but not backwards compatible. Use the low and high .fbx-versions to rebuild the subdivisions in earlier versions of zbrush or for use with other softwares. Renders are taken from marmoset toolbag and will present differently depending on software and shader/lighting setup used.

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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