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Sci-fi Scene for renders Time Travel

  • Hello everyone! I hasten to introduce another scene for the rendering of Sci-fi. The scene is perfect for training in setting up tile materials, adjusting lighting indoors, as well as visualizing your small projects like props, robot, character and much more, where there is not enough environment.

  • And so, what materials does this scene include.

  • The whole scene consists of sci-fi panels, 60 panels, each panel consists of several parts, the number of which can be from 2-8 pieces in each panel, each object has a UV scan and its own material with the name, metal, plastic, rubber, and luminous elements. The names of the materials are the same as for tile textures. This is done to correctly configure materials in third-party 3D editors 3d max, Maya, and others. You have to connect texture maps manually to the appropriate sections. If you are not satisfied with my textures, then you can connect your tile textures and the materials will change throughout the project.

  • Chamfers were made on every detail.

  • Ngon triangulation is made where necessary.

  • The original scene was built in Blender 2.83 with materials already set up ready for rendering both on EEVEE and on Cycles. There are cameras and several lighting fixtures in the scene.

  • The file formats that will be in the project, the Blend file format is designed for Blender 2.83. The FBX format is intended for third-party 3D editors as well as OBJ.

  • If you have any questions about the Rar archives.

  • P / s In some cases, what difficulties you may encounter when you download the Rar Archive, the archive does not decompress and gives an error about the archive bit, or is empty, this happens due to the antivirus, and due to the incorrect installation of the Rar archiver software, turn off Antivirus for a while, update Rar, or use the online unzip. If the above methods did not help you, then write to me and we will fix it.

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