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Procedural level design in Unreal Engine 4

Unreal version: 4.19; 4.20; 4.21; 4.22. Procedural level design using Unreal Engine 4 and Houdini Engine The level is generated automatically depending on length and width and another 6 parameters each of these parameters automatically arranges objects in the scene.

Here you can see Procedural Generation of Level

and here Exploring The Procedural Level

Features: Offers the possibility to automatically generate multiple variations of the level Helps you find the perfect design. Develop a consistent visual language and simply fun to navigate. You can add your 3d models. Texture Sizes: Baked textures: normal, ao : 4096x4096 Concrete textures (difuse, metallic, normal, roughness, specular) : 2048x2048 Dirt Mask: 2048x2048 Gold Textures (difuse, metallic, normal, roughness, specular): 2048x2048 Grass Texture: 2048x2048 Normal Detail: 2048x2048 Soil Texture: (difuse, metallic, normal, roughness, specular): 2048x2048 Cloud texture: 4096x2048 Collision: Yes, custom. Vertex Count:
0-100 triangles: 8 meshes 100-1000 triangels: 8 meshes 1000-5000 triangels: 9 meshes 5000-10000 triangels: 3 meshes 20000-23000 triangels: 1 mesh LODs:0 Number of Meshes: 29 Number of Materials and Material Instances: 17 / 33 Number of Textures: 110 Documentation:

Important/Additional Notes: "Procedural level design" only works with Houdini Engine plugin

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