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Trans-Siberian in Blender

This new and modern Silk Road runs through a barren wasteland of rocks and snow, toward the east lands, crossed by the legendary Trans-Siberian Express train. Again a basic environment, for your personal projects, around this fascinating scenario. It's very suitable for middle and large views, as well as for animations.

Attention: This scene is available only in blend format and it's not suitable for being migrated to other programs (due to the particle system used for ecosystems). However, you can use the heightmap in tif format (in the packlist) and use it with the displacemet feature in other programs. In add, always in the packlist, you will find also all the stuff, in obj format, to rebuild the whole road-railway structure.

Notes: The scene include 2 terrains (core + background) modeled in GeoControl2 and both was texurized in Blender (Render Cycles). The terrain-core was populated with 4 eco-systems (by ParticleSystems). All the assets are in bundle (3 rocks, 2 shrubs, 1 grass patches, 10 vehicles, 1 train).

Packlist: 1 Blender file, 12 textures, 7 alpha-masks, 1 heightmap.tif (16bit), 1 road-railway object in obj format, 1 readme.pdf.

You will get 1 file

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