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Tree-lined avenues in Blender

A network of trails that join and intersect, dotted with various species of trees, a great environment to navigate around. You can take advantage of this diverse collection of long avenues for your every need, adding (if your PC's power allows that) even some characters. Every corner is a perfect set for your scenes, it's very suitable as a base environment.

Attention: This scene (including assets) is available only in blend format and it's not suitable for being exported to other programs (due to the particles systems used for ecosystems). However, you can use the heightmaps in tif format (in the packlist) and use it with the displacemet feature in other programs. In addition, you can take advantage of all the alpha-masks and textures (in the packlist) to redo, the texturing and ecosystems of the scene.

Notes: The scene include 1 simple terrain, modeled in Gaea and texturized and populated in Blender 2.91 (Render Cycles). The scene was populated with 27 eco-systems (by ParticleSystems) and the avenues and assets are modeled with simple obj models and array by curves. All the assets are in blend bundle and not exportable (14 trees, 2 shrubs, 4 grass, 5 flowers, 3 dead leafs, 5 rocks, 2 fences, 2 benches, 3 streetlamps).

Vertices: 5.430.000 Triangles: 9.400.000

Packlist: 1 Blender file, 8 alpha-masks, 14 textures, 1 heightmap (in tif format), 1 readme.pdf.

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