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RM Perfectionist Photoshop Brushes (PRO bundle)

RM Perfectionist Photoshop Brushes (UPADATED: 11.12.2019)

2018 modern All-in-One atrtist's brush pack for Photoshop CS5+ CC+ This set contains hundred plus of brushes you need to represent your ideas with ALL kind of art technics you prefer:

  • *.ABR and *.TPL files included!
  • Watercolor (One of the latest and greatest watercolor set)
  • Airbrush (Greatest Smooth Airbrush ever)
  • Pencilsl (Perfect tuned pencil box set)
  • Oil (Ultra-natural wet mix oll painting brushes)
  • Textured Oil (Grunge Rough & Canvas textured brushes)
  • Markers (One of the latest and greatest marker set)
  • Ink (Magic Ink brushes inspiring for tattoo, "bioshapes", and comic book style illustrations) ... also more Toolz in *TPL!

  • And also original fantastic Blenders, Erasers, Paint Dssolvers and Mix Brush presets organized in *.TPL files

All brushes expertly tuned for default Wacom pressure settings(Linear), and will let you to have great freedom from all range of pressure from lightest touches till the strongest end of pressure curve. This effect was carefully re-created by GFX engineer, and tested by awarded traditional Artist' hand.

Get it now and begin to Create with qualitative instruments & fun!

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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