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Zombies and Devoured Bodies

GET THIS High detail and realistic Zombies and Devoured Bodies 3D modelS, This is a 3D Zombies and Devoured Bodies 3D MODELS of a high-end photorealistic and cartoon 3D models of dinosaurs RIGGED in Blender. - character in BLENDER 3.0 - MAYA - UNYTY - UNREAL - 3DS MAX FBX format - character mannequin skeleton - character has the size of unreal mannequin - textures are calibrated for ALL FORMAT in TGA format - character works with epic store mannequin animations
You can check the individual models of Zombies and Devoured Bodies 8255/8255 - ID of Zombies and Devoured Bodies Originally created with 3ds Max 2016 and saved as BLENDER, MAYA, 3DS MAX, UNITY, UNREAL, CINEMA 4D FBX AND 3ds Max 2013 ---------------------------BLENDER 3,0 scene-------------------------------- Character in BLENDER scene with assigned Textures and Materials
SCENE objects: You can check the full list of objects via VIDEO in presentation images -------------------------------------Rigged------------------------------------- Rigged and Skinned with BLENDER native Biped. Biped supports BIP mocap data
SCALE: - Model is built to real-world scale metric = centimeters 1 unit = 1 centimeters

RENDERER USED for the product imagery:


  • render parameters are available, you can render it directly

Please check out my other models, just click on my user name to see complete gallery RDAM STUDIO Thank you for choosing my model, I hope you like it! Rig Description

BLENDER 3.0 'Auto rig' 'complet facial rig'

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