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Offworld Mercenary Arsenal - Megapack All-in-One

Huge collection of voxel-style weapons - both as 2D sprites, 3D models and voxel models.

Guns, grenades, kits and tools - covering every need and role! Includes a bonus mercenary character too!

Includes a .unitypackage as well!


Offworld Mercenary Arsenal (OMA) is a varied collection of weapons, items, devices, grenades, ammo and tools. They're provided as 3D low-poly models, voxel models and 2D pixel-art sprites.

Use these assets in your commercial or personal projects - be it games, animations, illustrations, media or anything else.

Every weapon includes these files: - 2D .PNG pixel-art sprite image - 2D .PNG large upscaled image - 2D .SVG vector image - 3D .OBJ+.MTL model - 3D .FBX model - 3D .Kenshape source file (1) - 3D .VOX voxel model (EXPERIMENTAL) (2) - TXT Weapon specific description/lore - GIF Animated gallery preview

Use FBX or OBJ models for any 3D projects, while PNG sprites can be used in pixel-art 2D side-view projects. The other files provide easy editing/marketing options outside of Unity as supporting materials. The included lore description files can give game mechanic ideas or weapon balancing advice.

As a bonus, there's also a 3D Mercenary character - fully rigged, ready to be animated!


Technical details

3D Side:

  • All models are in the 500-5000 polygon range, depending on model size/complexity.
  • Each model has embedded basic materials that can be extracted - allowing to recolor and reshade any weapon at will.
  • Rigs/Textures/UV: No
  • (1) Kenney Shape source files (.kenshape) are included for easy changes to model.
  • (2) Voxel models (.vox) can be opened, edited and re-exported with MagicaVoxel program.
  • Keep in mind that images only show the FBX 3D models, meanwhile voxel models are notably more blocky and thus look different.

2D Side:

  • Pixel-art sprites use consistent 32 pixels per meter/unit standard.
  • All sprites are lossless PNG format with transparent background.
  • Upscaled sprites are either scaled by 20 times (every item is proportional) or arbitrarily (everything is big regardless of original size).
  • Vector images (.svg) can be opened in Inkscape or similar program.
  • All gallery gifs contain 50 frames of animation.

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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