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Do you remember when Adobe introduced mixer brushes, only to be disappointed with how atrociously random and wholly useless they are as defaults? Do you miss Painter and Clip Studio Paint - switching between the apps for just “that” brush ?

It’s “that” magic brush .. you know the one.. the brush that lays down color while blending seamlessly with the underlying color. Gradient painting smoothly, but with the crispness of edge where you need it. It's taking into account "that feel" more than anything, and to me, these brushes (specifically one of them) "feel" just about perfect for what I do.

I’ve been a digital illustrator for a couple of decades now and to this day I’ve not found a Photoshop tool that does the job even remotely as good as Painter did right from the word go. And yes, I’m going right back to Fauve Matisse on windows 3.1 (!)

These tools are not .ABR brushes (which ultimately are just monochrome stamps with a few placement flows) but the modern .TPL tool presets. That means they come with all the settings just right.

They’re based on the Mixer Brush after literally months of experimenting to get them to the just right stage. The mixer brush tool is notoriously fickle and not massively intuitive; change one attribute and they behave so very differently. And there are such a number of things that will throw them off again. Basically, they can be voodoo to the uninitiated.

That’s why I’m sharing these TPL presets. Just load them into your tool presets library and you’re good to go.

Happy Painting!


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