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Forest Environment Pack - The Return

A lush environment created with a minimal amount of assets. Scene represents a road early in the morning towards a small logging town on the Pacific Coast. This pack makes use of Unreal's Landscape, Spline and Foliage tools. This real-time scene is optimized for games with baked lighting, light maps, collision and LODs.

You can use the assets in this pack to quickly create an evergreen forest environment. Based in the North-West with foliage like Douglas Firs and Sword Ferns. The environment level demonstrates the most ideal setup for these assets; landscape uses a custom landscape material, foliage tool is used for rocks, trees and plants and the spline for everything road related.

Flythrough video:

Package comes with the following meshes: 2 signs, 2 debris, 1 god ray, 2 trees (low-poly version included), 2 roads (low-poly included), 2 rocks, 1 grass, 1 fern and 1 guardrail.

Contains 36 materials among which: 18 unique materials, 3 procedural substance materials (.sbsar), 6 LOD materials (these are applied to the LOD 1 level of certain meshes), 9 material instances.

  • Foliage meshes are grass, fern, tree and rocks.
  • Spline meshes are the road and guardrail.
  • Normal meshes are props like debris and signs.


Rocks which use the ‘rock + moss’ blendmaterial have moss applied in the Z-axis automatically.

You can add/remove moss from a rock by using vertex painting. Go to Mesh Paint > Weights > Use ‘Alpha Channel’ under ‘Color View Mode’ > Use ‘Alpha (two textures)’ under ‘Vertex Painting’

Demo of the rock & moss vertex painting

You can add/remove dirt from the asphalt road by using vertex painting. Go to Mesh Paint > Colors > Use ‘Alpha Channel’ under ‘Color View Mode’ > Use the A value in both Paint Color and Erase Color under ‘Vertex Painting’

You can edit substance materials like Bark with parameters. If you want multiple variations, right click on the Substance Instance Factory

Demo of the Bark substance material parameters

Summary Info - UE4 project which contains a .uproject file and Content folder with .uasset files - Number of Unique Meshes: 14 - Collision: Yes, custom and automatically generated - LODs: 4 - Number of Materials and Material Instances: 36 - Number of Textures: 66 - Texture Resolutions: 128x128 to 2048x2048 - Supported Development Platforms: Windows - Important/Additional Notes: You need to install the Substance plugin to your engine vesion so that the .sbsar files are detected properly.

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