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Clip Studio Paint: Sculpt Brushes

Rethink your approach to painting forms! My custom brushes for Clip Studio Paint make pulling and pushing forms an enjoyable and controllable process. I've included a real-time screen capture of this adorable chick painting so you can see it in action (1 hour). The screen capture is not narrated, but you can check out a free 15 minute overview and explanation of how I use these brushes on this painting on my YouTube channel at:

In this package:

5 brushes:

  • Sculpt Brush
  • Sculpt Brush TX (canvas texture)
  • Oily Blender
  • Cat's tongue
  • Oil Paint Flat Brush TX (canvas texture)


  • Screen recording of painting (1 hour)
  • "Chick hands" layered file
  • "Woman eye" JPG
  • Real time (12 min) screen capture of "Woman eye"

Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of CSP when importing brushes.


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