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Billy Three Arrows - stylized texturing tutorial

Hi In this tutorial I'm going through my whole process of texturing stylized real time characters(similar to Life is Strange and Vampyr), from making a semi-realistic texture in Substance Painter to the hand painted look created in Photoshop. There are 2 separated videos(around 1h and a half) for each part and a third one(bonus) covering the process of making the part of the texture with transparency(arrow's feather, grain spike, hair and eyelashes) but also the actual modeling of the hair.

This tutorial is intended for artists that already know the basics of texturing and are more into learning new techniques. The videos are at 4x speed so you're not gonna catch every button I press or every mask I use.

With this tutorial you also get all the models(high poly & low poly), Marmoset Toolbag scene and psd files.

Enjoy it!

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