Across Valleys

This pack includes 507 high-resolution photos of the natural variety found across Alps valleys.

They were mainly taken in Mont Blanc valley, shot over 5 days of hike between French/Switzerland and Italian borders.

The mood and landscapes vary a lot from one day to the next. I've marked these changes in the photo titles so that you can navigate and choose as easily as possible... (Day 1 titled 1000, day 2 titled 2000 ...etc.)

That's why this pack was previously divided into 5 parts, but I've decided to regroup them together.

Perfect if you are looking for a wide variety of high-altitude environments. Daytime. Sunny, cloudy, and foggy mood.

507 High-quality jpegs (6000x4000).

Great references for any visual development needs, 2D, and 3D.


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