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Artoria Pendragon Lancer - Game Ready

Product name: Artoria Pendragon Lancer

+Low poly, game ready, rigged, PBR textures. Include nude body mesh. UE5 supported.

+Total tris counts: 341296

+Unit: centimeters. Model Height: 180 cm including heels

+FBX folders contain premade combined fbx for Full Clothes, Full Clothes without cape, Suit only, Full Nude meshes. And modular fbxs for individual parts

+Full vagina and nipples modeled.

+UE5 project with playable blueprint

+.blend file. Blender 4.0.2. Fully rigged with Auto Rig Pro plugin with MustardUI for switching clothing parts.

+3Ds Max scenes with UE5 skeleton. (Bone orientation is a bit weird since it is imported in from Blender fbx, but it work ^.^!)

+PBR textures (Metallic-Roughness) 2048X2048 and 4096x4096. DirectX Normal Maps. .TGA format. (Including alternate set for Diffuse/Spec/Gloss)

+Textures can be found in this folder: RyanReos_ArtoriaLancer\Assets\Textures

+Including Marmoset files with material and studio lighting setup.

+Including Zbrush .ztl file for full character model!

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