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Quick Start in Blender

  • Learn one of the most advanced and powerful 3D package as soon as possible Blender one of the best, free and open source solution for creating 3D graphics for any purpose: games, movies, architectural visualization, medicine and even more. Blender covered a lot of areas - modeling, animation, VFX, 3D printing and so on. Course approaches on fastest, easiest and comfortable way to master Blender.

  • Get useful knowledge only, go straight to selected stuff Get propriate information and start practise right away with easy to follow video tutorials. Whole course focused on explaining tools deeply and software principles. And chapters has project based thoughtful structure from simple to complex, step-by-step explained. Information were carefully selected for every topic to bring it to you at it's best, handy and useful stuff only as huge time-saver.

  • Create your own project Follow certain instructions in the course or create your own custom project you want based on course chapters. Learn fundamentals, get introduction and then use provided project files to learn more advanced chapters like UV mapping, shaders and materials, lighting, render properties and post-processing based on pre-prepared head and helmet 3D mesh. Upon completion of the course, you’ll gain a deep knowledge on practical use Blender for all your projects.

  • Skill level Quick Start in Blender is the perfect full guide for beginners to Blender! We learn techniques and principles that will make your workflow more powerful and easier. We always rely to use hotkeys as much as possible and handy PRO features to faster up approach. For everyone who want to learn Blender fast or switch from another 3D-package this course is the perfect choice!

  • Contains 31 HD video tutorials Project files including scene files (and bonus scene files), textures and HDRI, renders and references Textures provided by

  • Software used Blender 2.91.2 & 2.92.0 Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (optional, used for post-processing)

  • Meet your instructor "Hi! I'm Sergey Jung, 3D Artist and the creator of Quick Start in Blender course. I started doing 3D graphics back in the early 2000s, when I was studying at an art college, and since then creating art in 3D has been a dream come true for me. In 2008, while studying at the university, I started teaching 3D graphics, practicing as a full-time course teacher and at the same time working on creating 3D content for video games and cartoons. Over the years of teaching, thousands of students have graduated and continue to successfully create art for large companies. I have made every effort to make the Quick Start in Blender course useful and interesting! I wish you an exciting learning experience and find a lot of new and useful things for yourself!"

  • Chapter list 1 - UI Overview 2 - Navigation in viewports 3 - Outliner and hierarchy 4 - Viewports and Display modes 5 - Customize UI and preferences 6 - Creating basic objects 7 - Transform tools and Origin 8 - Sub-Object modes 9 - Selection options 10 - Organizing scene 11 - Removing and clean up geometry 12 - Modeling tools 13 - 3D Cursor 14 - Modifiers and Vertex Groups 15 - Boolean 16 - Duplicates 17 - Reference plane 18 - Snapping and precision 19 - UV Mapping 20 - Intro to animation 21 - Export Import Link Append 22 - Eevee & Cycles Overview 23 - Mastering the Shader 24 - Shader Editor 25 - Lighting 26 - HDRI 27 - Render Properties & Output 28 - Post processing

  • Bonus videos: Sculpting details - hands first iteration Sculpting details - hands second iteration Sculpting details - refine overall model with alphas and conclusion Follow me for updates:

Follow me for updates:

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