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Term 43 tutorial pack

Cloth Texture voice over tutorial

For this voice over tutorial I thought it would be fun covering cloth texture and pattern and how I would apply them on the cloth of a character :3 In this voice over tutorial, I will go over 6 different cloth texture and how to apply them to the character:)I will show you guys how I would apply photo texture as well as making your own textile pattern.

Lineart vrs painting tutorial

For this tutorial pack I went for a step by step video guide on ways to approach coloring with lineart as well as painting using a sketch. For coloring from lineart it's a bit more straight forward. I block in basic color and layer on the shadows. For painting I like to use the lasso tool to help me isolate shapes such as the hair. In this tutorial I've used the solid round brush and the airbrush for a bit of blending in the painting phase : )

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