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Term 19-32-68-74-77 voice-over tutorial pack

How to paint female male nude.Voice over tutorial.

This terms voice over tutorial will be on frontal, nude base, since I've been doing some NSFW, I thought id create a tutorial on it and share what Ive learned + i love painting anatomy : ) Also I'll be using these two based for next terms voice over witch will be on cloth/drapery and cloth layering :D !

In this tutorial I'll be showing you guys how to approach painting nudes/NSFW, starting from a basic sketch to a flat base color to painting : )

fulbody nude step by step tutorial pack

Hey guys doing some more anatomy step by step tutorials : ) I start from a simple stick man skeleton then to more detailed guide. I then line female and male body. i then color them . All show in step by step style : )

How to: paint thick Pinup voice over tutorial

This terms voice over tutorial will be on how to approach painting 'thick' pinup( at least How I paint them). It's no secret I like curvy and thickness XD I will go through the process of sketching to color blocking to shading to final rendering for these 3 examples in this voice over guide. It's been fun and Hope you guys will enjoy it ^o^.

Dynamic Female Toroso painting voice over tutorial

Based on popular request I'm doing a more in depth steps tutorial on some different poses for female waist and up/ nude/nsfw edition( for those of you who want to paint sexy pinups or just want to practice female anatomy) :3 I'm Including a variety of posses for you guys. I'll take you guys through my process in this guide: Sketch-Lineart->base color->cellshading->blending->painting->refining !

Lingerie Voiceover tutorial

This terms voice over will be on something I'm very familiar with painting :3 Lingerie pinup. In this voice over guide I'll go over how I approach painting these pinups: How I paint these fabric design and translucency areas . :3 I included 3 example of different lingerie/colors on different body types for fun /variation ^_^ This is a pretty detailed voice over so it's a bit over 4 hours long.

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