Blender Smart Material _ Wood

22 smart materials for blender. Just need to drag and drop to get all details.

Works with the cycles engine, for eevee you have to bake textures.

Why we call these “smart materials”?

These materials is created based on 4K/2K PBR textures and what makes those smart is non-destructive detecting edges, dark corners(AO), Curvature and so smart dust over props. Also, there are parameters to control all of these.


22 smart materials The essential version is made on 4K png textures. If you don't have enough RAM/VRAM, use 2K version, it’s faster. Shader Ball + one material for FREE 24 practical grunge maps 13 wood texture set (basecolor,normal,height,AO,roughness) 4/2K PBR textures (PNG 8bit) Fully customizable Blender 3.2 and higher. Full-res preview:

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