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Tile Marble - variable

In zip file: 3DsMax 2015/2021-vray/corona. + Maps folder.

You have 2 sets of BaseColor, each set with 3 different modes, clean, dirty, and common modes.

Dirty mode: cracking. Destroy the edges. low roughness Clean mode: perfectly shiny. No destruction Common mode: Normal state of being shiny. Destructions that occur over time all maps assigned in max file To change the mode use maps on the dirty folder for example. You can use These textures in any software. Whether in PBR-based software or rendering engines such as V-Ray and Corona.

For v-ray / corona just use these maps:

basecolor (= diffuse) + normal + ambientocclusion + height + reflection + glossiness + ior

And for other PBR based use these maps:

basecolor + metallic + Roughness + normal + height + ambientocclosion You can use the materials prepared in 3DxMax file for vray or Corona. All different material modes are created by applying textures only. PBR texture 4K texture The tile is not made by geometry (texture) Seamless

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