Substance Painter
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Stylized Material Generator (SBSAR) Vol.3

New Video For Release 2.0

This Package is Included High Quality Stylized Material Generator For Substance Painter ( SBSAR )

At the firs you can choice material type, metal or non metal, for each one there are many options and specific parameters.

For example, with emissive parameters you can create different bright objects or in optional menu, you can add snow or moss (with full control) into your material.

With this material you able to create many stylized materials and texture for any things like metals, stone, base wood, watercolors, fabrics, bright objects, moos, snow and…

Can be used in any program that support SBSAR like substance painter, 3dsmax, …

High Quality Enough to Closeups Rendering

Release 2.0 Notes Big Update!

  • All parameters optimized
  • Now it's more simple and work better
  • The complexity that was there in the Normal channel has been completely solved
  • Lighting system improved and added advance lighting system
  • Added advance emissive system
  • Color, gradient, edge, thickness systems improved
  • A number of unnecessary parameters in scratch, snow and moss were removed, and their final performance was improved

You will get 1 file

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