Burning Demon Pixel Art Monster Asset

Pack Features

This pack included a lot of characters and animations. Here are the details:

*Imp: 9 animations +Shaman: 10 animations +Clawer: 11 animations +Axedemon: 10 animations +Hero Demon: 13 animations +Tanker: 9 animations +Destroyer: 10 animations

Bosses details

*- The shaman can cast magic and summon the Imp demon. +- The Hero Demon can be moving attack and cast the magic (like call the stone spike) as well as it can cast projectile. +- The Destroyer can cast ultimate which will make AOE damage.

Effect details

  • You can see a lot of included effects. I made this so you can allow the boss to cast more magic.

Included PNG files that can easy to import to any engine. Pixel size 32px-48px

What the next plan?

  • If you purchase my first asset, you will see this asset is coming a bit late. Because I was busy working some freelance projects. I'm still want to focus on making assets.

  • The next asset will be skeleton & dungeon which will have skeleton warrior, skeleton archer, skeleton mage, skeleton king...etc

Every purchase is Great support!

Making this quality asset requires a lot of time and effort! However, we love this and want to do more and more to bring more choice, more helpful to indie game developers to get game assets with small budgets.

What you can :

  • Use this asset on your game and sell your game. Credits are welcome but not required!

What you can not :

  • Resell the asset. Or edit then resell the asset!

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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