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MASTERCLASS – Digital Portrait Drawing

Learn to draw human faces without previous drawing knowledge to create beautiful works of art for hobby and profession and to put your own ideas on paper.

Master the drawing of portraits in different styles

This is what you will learn and achieve:

  • learn or improve basic drawing techniques (shapes, perspective basics, light, shadow, color, anatomy, proportions, composition...)
  • draw portraits using a template
  • draw portraits completely from imagination
  • draw individual facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, skin)
  • draw realistic portraits
  • draw stylized portraits
  • draw self-portraits
  • draw male and female proportions
  • understand the anatomy of the head and use it for drawing
  • draw authentic emotions
  • learn various digital and mixed media drawing techniques
  • learn several Photoshop & brush tricks
  • find inspiration for your own portrait style
  • learn best practices: numerous exercises to apply your knowledge and improve your drawing skills even after you have finished the course
  • … and much more!

  • 50 video tutorials

  • 4,5h of video on demand content

  • 55 materials (PSDs, PDF worksheets, anatomy sheets, templates & more)

Take your drawing skills to the next level

Whether as a hobby artist, professional illustrator, art student, game artist / concept artist / 2D/3D artist, character designer or graphic designer: drawing skills in the portrait field are in demand everywhere.

In this course, you will learn step by step and in detail how to create beautiful portraits from your imagination and in different styles. With this you can deepen your hobby, turn it into a profession or take your existing artistic profession to the next level with better portfolio work.

Content & Overview

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist, in this course you will learn everything you need to know about portraiture.

In an introduction, you will learn what the head is made of and how to break down the complex anatomical structures into simple shapes. In individual lessons about facial features and emotions, you will acquire more detailed knowledge in order to be able to draw realistic portraits. Afterwards, I will show you in numerous different examples how to apply the acquired knowledge, construct heads and draw individual portraits of every person from this world – no matter which age, ethnicity, gender or emotion.

After completing the course and all the exercises you will be able to draw your own portraits completely from imagination, in different styles and in every perspective.

You will also have acquired basic drawing techniques to draw other things and to modify your portraits. Whether cartoon-, alien-, or other portraits: you will be able to put everything on digital paper. Although the course is designed for digital work, many of the techniques can be transferred to traditional drawing outside of Photoshop or to other digital drawing programs.

I will provide you with numerous exercise sheets, additional materials, editing tricks in Photoshop and insider tips so that you can improve quickly and never again get into an artist block with portrait drawing.

If you finish the course completely and have worked on it really carefully, you will certainly become a very good (portrait) artist.

This self-learning course includes over 60 lessons and over 4 hours of on demand video material. No feedback included. For personal use only.

You will get 53 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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