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RETRO DELUXE - Brushes for CSP by Scapefiend

460+ Brushes for CLIP STUDIO PAINT ! Use promo code "40off" for 40% discount ( only for the first 100 customers !)

After more than a year of work, I have completed my latest brushpack. Made so it takes advantages of the advanced dual brush settings introduced last year while keeping a tactical feedback and speed these brushes are one of the best choices in both linework drawing and value painting.

These 460 brushes are divided into categories for your needs :


8 different erasers including even a salt shaker !


86 different inking brushes from the most wild brushes to the finest manga tips !


24 unique markers for your diverse needs


43 different pencils and crayons and pastels for sketching and coloring


62 watercolors with distinct textures and feel


67 BIG & FAST brushes for value painting and texturing


82 brushes from gouache to acrylic and oils, flat tips and rake tips


Different mixers to push your artpieces above and beyond


A magic box of 56 tools to help your workflow and help it stand out more !


24 Distinct screentones for that warm analog look

All the artwork was made using brushes from this PACK ! For further questions or requests please contact me

To add the brushes simply drag them from the browser to the SUB TOOL window or use the ADD SUBTOOL command from the menu

I will keep adding samples of the brushes since these are just a small part from the massive 460 brush collection !

Update 0.20 !

10 new brushes !

Inker Revised ( 9th Time )

Flat Acrylic

Splatter ( color cycle )

Flower Splatter

Watercolor Splatter

Duotone 1

Duotone 2

Duotone 3

Das Brushen


Jungle Splatter

Update 0.10 !

13 new brushes added - 4 of them offered free in the Lost Crayons pack

Box of Crayons 1 Box of Crayons 2 Flathead Oilly Grunge Line 1 Grunge Line 2 HB Crayon Pointilism Foliage Spideryear I Spideryear II Spideryear III Zetta 3 Zetta 4 Zetta 5

Issues with 2 brushes

Box of Crayons

Bubbly WatercolorSecondary brush size not linked. Fix either manually or reset settings to default then link it and save all settings to default ( more detailed instruction in the file ) Don't forget to rate it and let me know if you have certain brushes you want to see done in the future. My last brush request pack is still enjoyed by many !

You will get 4 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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