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6 Models Women Jeans Pants & Skirts

A Collection of 6 Models Women Jeans Pants & Skirts

This collection is included 3 models of Jeans Pants and 3 models of Jeans Skirts

These files are available in this pack:

Zprj format -->> Triangulate
Fbx format -->> Quad and UV
Obj format -->> Quad and UV
No Retopology
Not Unwrapped
Picture UV Pack.jpg in each of folders are processed in 3dsMax; Fbx and Obj Uv are done in 3dsMax.

Other UV textures are available for Pants Projects model 1, 2, and 3; Pay attention they can just be used in Clo.
These Uv pictures, Normal maps and .psd files are available in a folder named -->> Uv.Tex.Nmp -->> Just for Clo , unusable for other software
The crops and tops are form other projects which are available to use

These jeans pants can be used with these shirts, also crops, from here:

If there were any issues with the files, feel free and just E-mail me through this address:

[email protected]

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